Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Show Review - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Garfields - 2/10/09

So, pitchfork just recently came out with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart as 'Best New Music'. I didn't even realize they were coming until I happened to be on GarfieldArtworks site the day of the show. I listened to a couple of tunes on their myspace page and decided to check it out.

To my suprise there was quite a few people that must have read the same article on p-fork as there was approx. 75 people in the crowd. POBPH wasn't even headlining the evening, that went to a band called Mi Ami. First up was a local act that I barely caught enough of to give a fair review. I was hoping POBPH would be up next so I could make it an early night, but it was a band they were touring with named Depreciation Guild. Just so happened that the lead of DG is also the drummer of POBPH. I had mix feelings about DG. I thought they were nestled in the Kevin Shields, MBV, mode a bit too much. The vocals were barely one point the lead asked for more of something to Manny...who thought he meant vocals (which is what I was hoping), but quickly said no to the vocals and jumped into the next tune. They sounded solid and had the rock attitude, but some of their songs just didn't flow right for me.
Next up was the POBPH, the band most were there to see. They had a female keyboardist, bassist and lead who all lined up right in front of the stage with the drummer in the back. A bit of a different stage setup. The first song they played didn't hit me as anything memorable. But as their set continued their music really grew on me. I am not sure they really needed the keyboards as I couldn't hear anything distinguishable. They reminded me a lot of Ride, shoegaze heaven, in a very good way. The lead definitely was the talent of the crew next to the drummer. He spoke to the crowd a few times which I appreciated. They didn't do anything 'blazing' on stage but did put together a pleasant set. I purchased their cd but haven't had a chance to listen. Hopefully its as good as p-4k deems.