Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miles Kurosky - Beulah - Possible new album?

I am doing a lot of post-surfing tonight, trying to catch up on all music happenings since I was without internet over vacation. I came apon this little gem...not sure what exactly it means, but hoping its what I think it is.

Let me state, back in the late 90's early 00's I was a huge Beulah fan. Loved every single album, even their last Yoko (although it rcvd mixed reviews). I have no idea if they ever came to Pgh because I moved here after they had broken up. I once traveled to Chicago just to catch their show and was fortunate enough to catch them in Florida on their last tour.

Miles Kursoky was the lead, and for the most part, Beulah. He has been working on a solo album for a long time but has had setbacks due to health issues. Also, he has some roots in Pittsburgh...his family is from here:

If you go to , a new site just posted, it states "Rad Autumn 2009". I am hoping this is the new album title and it will be coming out in 2009. We'll see. If it is I cannot wait.


  1. I saw Beulah open for Wilco in 1999 at Metropol. They totally blew out Wilco's equipment during their opening set and afterwards both bands were in grumpy moods. I have a Beulah autographed promo poster from that show somewhere?