Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Album Review - Pains of Being Pure at Heart

I just wanted to add a little review since I went to the show and picked up the album. I have had a chance to listen to the self titled POBPAH a few times and really do enjoy it. I am not sure if its all 'Best New Music' material, but its definitely a solid, good disc (they will probably go down in the Tapes n' Tapes vein...good buzz then...). After listening I guess they could be described in the MBV vein, but I really don't buy into that.

On the album the female vocals and keyboard do come in more than I felt they did at the show. A couple of highlighted tracks are 'A Teenager in Love' and 'Everything With You' which really demonstrate what the buzz is about. I am not sure where this album will be in my queue a month from now, but right now its up at the top.

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