Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr Gnome - Free Cd with t shirt purchase

Ok...three posts in one day...good stuff.

I have posted about this band twice already and really want to get others to listen to them. They are really that good. I just saw this on their blog/myspace page...if you buy one of their t shirt's they will also include their debut album. You really cannot go wrong here. When you hear the album you will not you get a t shirt.

Mr Gnome Site

Miles Kurosky - Beulah - Possible new album?

I am doing a lot of post-surfing tonight, trying to catch up on all music happenings since I was without internet over vacation. I came apon this little gem...not sure what exactly it means, but hoping its what I think it is.

Let me state, back in the late 90's early 00's I was a huge Beulah fan. Loved every single album, even their last Yoko (although it rcvd mixed reviews). I have no idea if they ever came to Pgh because I moved here after they had broken up. I once traveled to Chicago just to catch their show and was fortunate enough to catch them in Florida on their last tour.

Miles Kursoky was the lead, and for the most part, Beulah. He has been working on a solo album for a long time but has had setbacks due to health issues. Also, he has some roots in Pittsburgh...his family is from here:

If you go to , a new site just posted, it states "Rad Autumn 2009". I am hoping this is the new album title and it will be coming out in 2009. We'll see. If it is I cannot wait.

TV on the Radio - Mr Smalls 5/11/09

TV on the Radio was just announced for Mr go on sale Saturday. Probably will sellout. One thing really shocking is that tickets are $28 each before ticket surcharges. So, you probably are looking near $32 each.

I saw TOTR last time at Mr Smalls....very enjoyable show. But I don't recall their tickets being much more than $20...I could be wrong. Anyone remember? I doubt they are going to play a 3 hour set like Ween does for that price, probably more like 1 hour. I am glad to see them come back around but seriously, $32? What about the economy and your fan base. But I doubt that will be an issue as I am sure it will sellout.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Show Announcement - Headlights - Brillobox - 4.19.09

Just got back from a much needed vacation where the cable was out in the cabin due to a storm so we were forced to listen to music the entire time. Turned out to be really different and nice.

I am a sucker for good indie pop and this band has put out two outstanding albums. I see their schedule on Polyvinyl's weekly email list. They tour a lot and usually skip over Pittsburgh (although they did open for Mates of State at Mr Smalls). I saw them about 2.5 years ago at Garfieldartworks and had a really good time. They are coming to the Brillobox on 4/19 and I am really looking forward to it. Check it out if you can...appears Polyvinyl has a hookup for most of their bands at Brillo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Album Review - Pains of Being Pure at Heart

I just wanted to add a little review since I went to the show and picked up the album. I have had a chance to listen to the self titled POBPAH a few times and really do enjoy it. I am not sure if its all 'Best New Music' material, but its definitely a solid, good disc (they will probably go down in the Tapes n' Tapes vein...good buzz then...). After listening I guess they could be described in the MBV vein, but I really don't buy into that.

On the album the female vocals and keyboard do come in more than I felt they did at the show. A couple of highlighted tracks are 'A Teenager in Love' and 'Everything With You' which really demonstrate what the buzz is about. I am not sure where this album will be in my queue a month from now, but right now its up at the top.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Show Announcement - Blind Pilot - Club Cafe - 4.1.09

Saw that these guys were coming to Club Cafe on their way back from SXSW. Listened to a couple of their songs that are good indie pop gems. They are from Portland and are playing at 8p (early show) on a Wed night. Check them out:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Show Review - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Garfields - 2/10/09

So, pitchfork just recently came out with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart as 'Best New Music'. I didn't even realize they were coming until I happened to be on GarfieldArtworks site the day of the show. I listened to a couple of tunes on their myspace page and decided to check it out.

To my suprise there was quite a few people that must have read the same article on p-fork as there was approx. 75 people in the crowd. POBPH wasn't even headlining the evening, that went to a band called Mi Ami. First up was a local act that I barely caught enough of to give a fair review. I was hoping POBPH would be up next so I could make it an early night, but it was a band they were touring with named Depreciation Guild. Just so happened that the lead of DG is also the drummer of POBPH. I had mix feelings about DG. I thought they were nestled in the Kevin Shields, MBV, mode a bit too much. The vocals were barely one point the lead asked for more of something to Manny...who thought he meant vocals (which is what I was hoping), but quickly said no to the vocals and jumped into the next tune. They sounded solid and had the rock attitude, but some of their songs just didn't flow right for me.
Next up was the POBPH, the band most were there to see. They had a female keyboardist, bassist and lead who all lined up right in front of the stage with the drummer in the back. A bit of a different stage setup. The first song they played didn't hit me as anything memorable. But as their set continued their music really grew on me. I am not sure they really needed the keyboards as I couldn't hear anything distinguishable. They reminded me a lot of Ride, shoegaze heaven, in a very good way. The lead definitely was the talent of the crew next to the drummer. He spoke to the crowd a few times which I appreciated. They didn't do anything 'blazing' on stage but did put together a pleasant set. I purchased their cd but haven't had a chance to listen. Hopefully its as good as p-4k deems.

Show Announcement - Handsome Furs - Brillobox - 3/31/09

The Handsome Furs were just announced playing at the Brillobox at the end of March. The band is a two piece which is headed by Dan Boeckner, of Wolf Parade fame, and his wife.
I was hoping Wolf Parade would come to Pgh on their last tour, but no dice. They did make it to State College. I saw them at Coachella a couple of years back and really enjoyed their set.
I have the first Handsome Furs cd Plauge Park which is pretty good. They just came out with a new one title Face Control which I have yet to hear.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Champs

Had to throw out a word about the game. One of the best SuperBowl's I have seen. Being a non-native, it amazes me the passion the city has for the Steelers. Something I have never seen from any town I have been to. Go Steelers.