Saturday, January 17, 2009

Show Review - 1/17/09 - Mr Gnome at Hard Rock Cafe

Due to the weather I was on the fence whether to go to this show or not. I was wondering if anyone would bet in attendance since the temperature was -10 with the wind chill. I roped a couple of people to attend the show with me. Surprisingly there were quite a few people at the Hard Rock Cafe, probably about 100. Most were leftovers from dinner or a party but several were there to see the opening acts.

The first was Matt Otis who did a solo routine. Seemed like a nice guy but nothing to pay attention to. The next was Elephant, a local band from pgh who I had never seen. They sounded ok, but really needed to lose the lead vocalist who had no voice. As soon as they were done a majority of the crowd seemed to leave which was unfortunate because they really missed out.

Mr Gnome which is a 2 piece started ripping into the set right away. They remind you a little of the White Stripes in the sense that there is the guitar and drums, but with roles reversed (female lead, male drummer). Nicole Barille uses a step ladder to bounce up and down while playing the guitar while Sam Meister sets the pace with both drums and keyboards. I was wondering if Nicole's voice sounded like it did on their excellent album "Deliver This Creature". Sure enough she can hit the high and lows without any problem. One of the best voices I have heard in quite some time.

I had to check out the stage because I wasn't sure Sam was hitting every note. I wondered if they were incorporating some loop or sample...but his precision was dead on with no let down. They both had the energy and presence to keep you engrossed, not to mention Nicole is very easy on the eyes.

I just wish more of the crowd had stuck around to see them. I believe they would have appreciated it. Unfortunately only about 20 people appeared to be there to see Mr Gnome but definitely rcvd their money's worth.