Wednesday, January 28, 2009

91.3 WYEP - Frightened Rabbit - In Studio Performance

I just wrote a show review and wanted to add a blurb about the in studio show the next day. I was supposed to go but wasn't able to so I listened in on the radio.

I love WYEP and know they sponsor a lot of good shows and this sounded like it was definitely one. However, whoever interviewed them (I believe Cindy Howes), was really ill prepared and asked some laughable questions. I saw her at the show the previous night so maybe she was just tired. But one of the questions went along the lines of "How did you get your band name?" I had to roll my eyes as it sounded like the band did as well. Give her a pass on that one...and then the big one... (Paraphrasing) "I really think your accent is so distinguishable on your record and really makes them sound good." Lead of FR, "What do you mean?" "Well, it just so different than what we have in America." Wow. Double wow. The band is Scottish; they have different accents than Americans. Their accent is no more distinguishable than any other Scott.

I have spoken to Cindy a couple of times at shows, etc. and found her pretty sharp...maybe she was just having an off day.


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