Saturday, January 10, 2009

3 Worst Concerts of 2008 in pgh

Since I posted about the top concerts in pgh I need to make one about the worst. So, top 3 worst concerts in 2008:

3) Bob Dylan - American Music Union Festival - I am not a huge Dylan fan, but do appreciate his influence. I stayed the entire Saturday evening to see him and his band not realizing his demise. This was one of the most incoherent, rambling shows I have ever witnessed. I have seen other blogs comment on his performance so I won't go too much in depth. Needless to say we left after 2 songs. Would never, ever waste my time, money to see him again.

2) Juliana Hatfield- 91.3 Concert Pitt Green - I really enjoy her earlier music (mid 90's) but haven't heard anything in quite sometime. Out of everyone that was playing this festival, I was most looking forward to seeing her. The show was really strange. You couldn't hear her...her music sounded bland...and most of all when spoke to the crowd it was meandering and pointless. It was one of the most disappointing shows of the year.

1) Dressy Bessy - Club Cafe - I have seen Dressy Bessy once before at Club Cafe and really enjoyed it. But this was definitely the worst show of the year. Dressy Bessy started off their set with several technical difficulties. It happens. Then they proceeded to diss the club and the sound man stating they didn't get a chance to soundcheck. Fair enough (as I am not sure who's fault that was). A high pitch humming noise was emanating from one of the guitars the whole time. Then the female lead singer made the comment, "This isn't an all ages show so this is what you get." Funny thing is I went on their website and every time they have come through Pittsburgh they have played at Club Cafe (4 times) at a +21 venue. Hmm...if you really felt that way why do continue to play there? Go play at Garfields. Don't play at a known +21 venue. Towards the end of the set the lead singer stated (in a big as*hole move), "I would just like to thank the soundman for tonight." Wow. If you want to soundcheck make sure to be there early...don't blame someone else (although the soundman is pretty horrendous in general). Worst show of 2008.


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