Sunday, April 17, 2016

Photos from Acid Mothers Temple at Club Cafe, March 31, 2016

This one sold out a few hours before the show. I'm so glad I got to see Acid Mothers live. At times they sounded like the Dead, then free jazz, then noise rock, but ultimately they are entity unto themselves. One of a kind legends. Here are some photos from the performance.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Five photos from Kurt Vile at Mr. Smalls, February 22, 2016.

Why five photos? Well, I took like, 300 photos, and maybe 1% had KV's face in them; the rest all pretty much looked the same. So here are Kurt's luxurious locks.

Great set, by the way. A nice mix of acoustic Kurt, reverb Kurt, and he even played "Wakin on a Pretty Day." Check out the whole setlist:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ticket Giveaway -- Copeland at Altar Bar November 13 and July Talk at the Rex Novemer 12

It seems like forever since we ran a ticket giveaway, so we're making up for it with a pair of them: Copeland at Altar Bar Friday, and July Talk at the Rex Thursday:

First up is Copeland at Altar Bar, who are visiting Pittsburgh for the first time since the release of their most recent LP Ixora, their first in six years. In some ways the album is a gift. The band broke up in 2008, did the whole farewell tour and everything. But Aaron Marsh & co reformed last year -- all the original members are back -- and Ixora is the result. 

The guys are in their 30s now, a little bit wiser (presumably), and so its no surprise the album has a more mature and complete feel to it. Allmusic says that Ixora has "the same moody and thoughtful musical approach that marked their best-known work." Absolute Punk gave the album a perfect 10, stating that "quite simply, there hasn’t been a Copeland album as complete as Ixora." Listen to the track "Ordinary" and judge for yourself:

Next up, from Toronto, is July Talk. You can't listen to a single track without thinking, wow, that guy sounds like Tom Waits. In fact, you can't read anything about July Talk without hearing a reference to lead singer Peter Dreimanis's Waits-ian growl.  But what really makes the band unique is that there are two lead singers, Dreimanis and Leah Fay, the latter of which plays the yang to Dreimanis's yin, the light to his darkness, or whatever other dualism you want to use. "It just works," says NPR, calling the contrasting vocal styles "remarkable."

The band plays scowling, rip-roaring blues-rock. Despite only releasing a self-titled LP so far they've already made a name for themselves. They were nominated for Breakthrough Group of the Year at the 2014 Juno Awards. Their live shows are as raucous and energetic as their music. Check out lead single "Paper Girl"for a taste of what's to come:

To enter, simply email us at and put the name of the show you're entering to win in the subject line. We'll announce a winner the morning of the respective show. Tickets are available online for Copeland for $20 and July Talk for $13

Eisley and We are the City are opening for Copeland; Little Hurricane and Daly Grind for July Talk. 

-- Brian Conway

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Photos from Ghost at Stage AE - September 25, 2015

Swedish metal band Ghost brought their Satanic Mass to Stage AE late last month in support of their new album, Meliora. Exclaim said it best in their review: "Ghost isn't for everyone; they are deliberately, deliciously over the top and unapologetically dramatic, but if you dig their smoke and mirrors, then Meliora is just the indulgence you've been craving."

Check out lead single  "Cirice," then scroll down for some photos from their performance here in Pittsburgh.